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Super thankful to be selected by Cordua@ fabrics “on-the-go” category and featured on the  www.cordura.com  website  http://bit.ly/1W4lo4q .  @firesignbrand  ‪#‎ firesignbrand‬   ‪#‎ purposebuilt‬   ‪#‎ madetoresist‬   ‪#‎ madeinusa‬ ‪ #‎ madeincalifornia‬   ‪#‎ designedincalifornia‬


Ship’em! @firesignbrand  #madetoresist   #madeinusa   #firesignbrand


Firesign Brand hard at work in Belize @SBelizeProject with photographer Sean Sullivan and the Placentia Fishermans Co-Op, raising awareness of the environmental impact tourists have on such an awesome place.
@firesignbrand @SBelizeProject @sulliphotoz  ‪#‎ nikon‬   ‪#‎ firesignbrand‬ ‪ #‎ purposebuilt‬   ‪#‎ madetoresist‬   ‪#‎ madeinusa‬   ‪#‎ madeincalifornia‬ ‪ #‎ designedincalifornia‬


 Nice! and NOBODY makes (fully submersible) dry bags like Drift Dry USA! Great collaboration with @Matbock, @Mystery Ranch @DriftDryUSA



‪#‎ firesignbrand‬  community member thoroughly testing the Tempest DSLR pack. Tor Johnson – Official photographer for the Tahiti Pearl Regatta. Sent to capture by Tahiti Tourisme, Tor covered the rich seafaring history that once was the center of Polynesian voyaging. @tor.johnson.photography @firesignbrand  ‪#‎ madeinusa‬   ‪#‎ purposebuilt‬   ‪#‎ submersible‬   ‪#‎ madetoresist‬   ‪#‎ drybag‬   ‪#‎ drypack‬



For passionate bag geeks like us, this is the equivalent of being on the Cover of Rolling Stone! Thanks @Carryology @FiresignBrand @chase_reeves . Awesome review of the Waterman MSGR! #firesignbrand #purposebuilt #madetoresist #madeinusa #madeincalifornia #submersible #drybags


Craftsmanship redefined. Thanks @gearguide for including @firesignbrand Tempest DSLR pack in your recent review! Mom always said pick ONE THING, and do it REALLY WELL… I think she’d approve of this effort. #firesignbrand #purposebuilt #madetoresist #madeinusa #madeincalifornia #submersible  #drybags

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 5.29.22 PM

Congratulations to Michael from Moorehead Texas for winning the coveted @FiresignBrand Watermnam MSGR X @Cordura Give-A-Way during the month of June!

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#firesignbrand #purposebuilt  #madetoresist #madeinusa #madeincalifornia #submersible #drybags


 The phrase “solid as a rock” means less now.
Tor Johnson Photography on location at Kīlauea’s East Rift Zone lava flow field – Early August 2016.
I strapped that Firesign bag onto the back of a cruiser bike and rode out to the lava flow on an emergency access road with my buddy Zen, who lives on the south side of the Big Island. Strapping the bag on was easy because of all the attachment points. It was good to have that bag during the rain squalls and all the dust that was flying around. Forgetting that there was lava underneath us, we set our bags down while shooting. A plastic lunch bag melted inside my friends backpack, but my bag was OK, except for some white hot metal attachment clips :-).
As a pro photographer I really appreciate the waterproof/dustproof factor. In fact I just shot in a downpour on Kauai, and the gear stayed bone-dry! Awesome.
tempest_hero_flat 3