Our Stance

Firesign Brand™ “Made to Resist”. Professional quality, purpose built equipment. Built in the USA and guaranteed for life.

 About Us You! 

Welcome. Well, this is shaping up to be one of the most exciting new beginnings in a very long while. After more than 3 years (and in some ways more than 30 years) in design, development and prototyping, we are finally stepping up to the plate, and with the help of some very talented people, launching a brand of our own. In-fact, it is going to be two incredible brands. 

Firesign Brand™, a fantastic line-up of professional quality packs, bags, and equipment. Made in the USA, using only the best materials, components, and workmanship from domestic and international suppliers from all over the world, who produce class-leading materials and components. Sharply focused on waterproof, functional, and lifestyle products to perform in the most demanding environments. Authentic, functional, stylish.

Drift Dry USA™ building highly technical, exceptionally waterproof, fully submersible - RF bonded products are where Drift Dry USA™ is focused. Producing sea-faring, outdoor, tactical, SAR, dive, military, and HAZMAT, with Berry Compliant mil-spec sewn, and RF bonding production capabilities. Drift Dry USA™ has been among the most prestigious military product supply companies in California.

On a strong core foundation of experience, owners and founders who have spent lifetimes entrenched in the outdoor lifestyle. By developing highly technical apparel and accessory design & manufacturing business, both Firesign brand™ and Drift Dry USA™ are passionate about the basic principles of building quality product.

Mark Machado of California; a veteran of 20+ years in design and merchandising within the action sports industry. IDSA IDEA®96 Award winner; published in Business Week Magazine, exhibit design at SFMOMA  April ’97, with a successful design, development, and sourcing company; The Grid, Inc. established 2004, servicing some of the industry’s finest brands.

Martin Garcia of California; a USA and Mexico based manufacturing veteran with amazing skills as an innovative manufacturer with 20+ years of OEM manufacturing experience and factory owner (Benthic Gear) specializing in military spec products, highly specialized RF welding, and custom Navy SEAL and Special Forces gear, as well as innovative dive and safety gear.

Together we have a lifetime of experience and a shared passion for making very high quality products. A vertically integrated manufacturing base, and the excellent team in the LA based factory, and all of the suppliers in our downstream supply chain. It takes an entire community to make great things happen. 

 We do things differently. 

We participate in the activities that we make product for, and while some of the executive team may now be weekend warriors, we are weekend warriors with skills. 

Collectively as adventurers, athletes, and lovers of the outdoors we’ve traveled the world, have uncovered ideas, and had experiences along the way that are incorporated in the product we build. It is all inter-woven into the company culture.

Quality is never an accident. Pride in what we do and reveling in the details is what drives us. To us, excellent value means that we worry about the details… so you don’t have to. Quality at every level; material selection, design, engineering, manufacture, and quality control. You will find that our products are made with a level of manufacturing quality found on technical and luxury products costing far more, and rarely, if ever found on our competitor’s products. The older and wiser we get, the less stuff we seem to buy, but when we do make a purchase, it’s usually based on great design or great build and quality. In the age of disposable products, we love things - well made from sturdy materials and thoughtful design. 

We believe in creating seasonal product, but more importantly, product that stands the test of time and lasts. Building products in the USA and standing behind our quality is our way of contributing to a better future. We design and build products aimed at a purpose, not at a price-point. 

This is not only about us - it’s about you and your family, and helping you get the most out of your carrying needs and serious equipment. We know you have a high level of expectation so we build quality products to keep moving generation to generation keeping them out of landfill and in the family.